The low down on #Throwbackthursday

Some of the most popular and fun trends on Instagram that users partake in to connect with their audience include: posting selfies, posting memes, using hashtags, and the ever popular throwback Thursday (just to name a few).

Throwback Thursday is the name of a very popular social media trend that entices users to post pictures from the past. Technically a throwback Thursday (or TBT) picture can be anything from years ago or from days ago, but no matter when the picture is from, people use it as an excuse to make yet another post – big surprise.

Every Thursday, Instagram gets flooded with thousands of throwback pictures. With over 127 million posts and counting using the #TBT (throwback Thursday) hashtag, the popular trend continues to keep users excited as they carefully plan out each week’s throwback post. TBT offers Instagrammers a weekly opportunity to share a special moment from their past – a simple, yet powerful concept – that keeps Instagrammers excited about staying connected with their friends.

#TBT Vegas 2009 (that hair though).

#TBT Vegas 2009 (that hair though).

There is nothing wrong with engaging in the TBT trend and posting old photos. Afterall, we all love seeing embarrassing old baby pictures or old high school pictures when people were ‘cool’ (or so they thought). But, if you’re posting pictures from Wednesday night, last week, or from the beginning of the month and tagging #TBT, that’s really not a throwback and people who do this should consider brushing up on the unofficial guidelines of #TBT etiquette.

#TBT Vegas 2014.

#TBT Vegas 2014.

It’s no secret that we all have the freedom to post any sort of picture using the hashtag #TBT, but let’s be honest, we are most interested in seeing nostalgic throwback pictures from your past –a different era – because it’s more fun to see people with silly old haircuts or pictures that reveal significant physical changes. Embrace this tip about throwbacks and you’ll be ‘throwing-back’ like a pro.

Tips for posting a successful #TBT picture:

1. Make sure you are in the picture. No one wants to see a throwback of your parents or any other family or friend.

2. One throwback per week is plenty. If you are compelled to post more, 2 is the absolute max.

3. A true throwback picture should be at least 5 or more years old.

4. It is not acceptable to post a picture on friday with the hashtag #TBT because thursdays are for #throwbackthursday, not fridays. Fridays are for #flashbackfriday.

All jokes aside, whether you’re ‘throwing back’ the right way or the wrong way, TBT continues to make Instagram an exciting way to share life’s moments with friends – another excuse to stay connected.



  1. poprocker1 · November 17, 2014

    Thanks for the tip on #TBT etiquette! Some people just don’t get it…just like they don’t get the concept of selfies. Speaking of Throwback Thursday, glad you liked my post on “Dumb & Dumber”. Throwback Thursdays will be a regular part of my blog — check it out:


  2. Kavalkade Krew · November 18, 2014

    That hair is kind out there. Almost Amadeus like. LoL


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