Is it #happyhour yet?

Have you ever wanted to post something on Instagram, but you hesitated because you knew that it wasn’t the best time to post and garner M.L. (max likes)? I have because it’s true – timing matters.

I, like many users of Instagram, have noticed trends in the activity that my pictures will get based on the time and days that I post them. Over time I have developed my own theory for which times and days were best for achieving M.L. and comments—Instagram happy hour.

Studies have found that there is a science to gaining the most likes and comments on your photos; time and day are at the forefront of this research. Not surprising, much of the data is being used by Fortune 500 companies who use it to optimize the engagement of their Instagram accounts with their audience. By engaging with their audience through Instagram and other social media sites, companies use the platforms as a channel to promote their products to their audiences.

Track maven, one of the essential tools in monitoring content creation and Internet processes, provides companies with intelligence for online marketing. Track Maven’s data have revealed that there are optimal times and days for receiving likes and comments on Instagram; this is valuable information, even for the casual everyday user.

We no longer have to guess what time is best for posting pictures because websites like Iconosquare. Iconosquare take all the guesswork out of acquiring the optimal amount of likes and comments by giving us personalized data based on our followers and their “liking” habits.

In short,  knowing when the best time to post is can help you get the most out of Instagram and it can help optimize your experience with the social media.

Applications designed to help track Instagram stats

Applications designed to help track Instagram stats

Five tips for acquiring max likes on your Instagram posts:

1. Timing is everything—know when your happy hour is.

2. Best day to post: Most people post on Thursday, but Monday would be most effective.

3. Use interesting hashtags, but not too many.

4. Link your Instagram account with your Facebook account.

5. Know your target follower demographics—it makes a difference.


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