Top 4 Reasons Why Instagram Has Become One of the Leading Social Media Sites

Instagram application for ipad

Instagram application for ipad

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram. I am also one of the few who does not have a Facebook account or any other social media account that I am actively involved with, hence my obsession with Instagram. I was never really into social media, besides Instagram of course, so I always wondered what it was about Instagram that sucked me in.

Understanding how Instagram lured me and 200 million other members into its cyber world will also help you understand why this social media platform is largely preferred over others.

Below is a list of the top 4 reasons why Instagram has become one of the leading social media platforms.


Before Instagram, most of the pictures that people posted on their social media sites were rather plain and boring. Instagram introduced a whole new concept to social media that encourages its users to display their creative side. Thus, the brilliance of Instagram is that it lets us snap a most ordinary photograph and instantly “art it up” – creativity at its finest. Utilizing the filters embedded in the app, photos are transformed by users into creative pieces of art. Inspiring creativity is what’s most important for Instagram developers and that is why they are constantly updating the platform with new features like “photo manipulation” which you can check out here. Features like “filters” and updates like “photo manipulation” continue to encourage creativity and regularly attract new users.


Instagram, like other social media platforms, is a place where users socialize. However, the difference with Instagram, over other platforms, is that users can expect to acquire the social engagement they are looking for because Instagram users tend to be more active and more engaged than users on other social media sites. So what does this mean you ask? It means that Instagram users will like and comment on many more posts than they will on any other site, which is a major plus. After all, we join social media sites to socialize – that’s the point.


Part of the reason that I became interested in Instagram was its simplicity – no “tweets”, no “walls”, just pictures. Surprisingly enough, a great deal of its popularity is down to its simplicity – it’s that simple. Instagram makes it easy for users to upload and edit photos, view and share images, and interact with the Instagram community. Since the user interface on Instagram is not complicated, the learning curve is easily manageable for all users, which means that people with little technical or artistic ability are capable of figuring it out on their own. Pretty simple right?


Whether you realize it or not, social media is about branding. The social media sites that you engage in serve as a representation of the brand that you have created for yourself. Whether your brand is the “housewife and mother of 3”, the “student who aspires to be a nurse”, or the “party animal”, the world see’s your brand as you created it – the pictures you post, the tweets you make, and the photos you like. Instagram is a brand builder. The branding ability that Instagram provides its users with acts as a visual centerpiece that showcases how we want others to interpret our brand – social media optimization at its finest.

Click here to join the Instagram community and experience the wonder for yourself.

#Selfies: One of many Annoying things that People do on Instagram

It’s no surprise that people post things on social media that get exhausting to look at because they fall within the list of most annoying things people do on Instagram – a compilation of the most annoying things that people post.

At the top of my list for most annoying types of posts are “selfies”. For those of you who don’t know what selfies are, they are pictures that people take of themselves that are shared via social media. Believe it or not, there are a ton of different types of selfies – the “gym selfie”, the “bathroom selfie”, and the ever-popular “duck-face selfie” to name a few.

Check this out; as if “selfies” weren’t annoying enough, the word “selfie” was named the word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary in 2013how annoying. And even more annoying is the fact that a song released in January called “#Selfie”, made its way to the number 1 spot on Billboards Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart only 5 weeks after it was released – the fastest flight since Lady Gaga’s “Applause”. Who would have guessed that selfies would have such a big impact on our culture?

Don’t get me wrong however, I’m not the Grinch of selfies, in fact, I will “like” your selfie if you post one (if it’s not completely ridiculous), but try to keep them to 1 or less per week – thanks.

The low down on #Throwbackthursday

Some of the most popular and fun trends on Instagram that users partake in to connect with their audience include: posting selfies, posting memes, using hashtags, and the ever popular throwback Thursday (just to name a few).

Throwback Thursday is the name of a very popular social media trend that entices users to post pictures from the past. Technically a throwback Thursday (or TBT) picture can be anything from years ago or from days ago, but no matter when the picture is from, people use it as an excuse to make yet another post – big surprise.

Every Thursday, Instagram gets flooded with thousands of throwback pictures. With over 127 million posts and counting using the #TBT (throwback Thursday) hashtag, the popular trend continues to keep users excited as they carefully plan out each week’s throwback post. TBT offers Instagrammers a weekly opportunity to share a special moment from their past – a simple, yet powerful concept – that keeps Instagrammers excited about staying connected with their friends.

#TBT Vegas 2009 (that hair though).

#TBT Vegas 2009 (that hair though).

There is nothing wrong with engaging in the TBT trend and posting old photos. Afterall, we all love seeing embarrassing old baby pictures or old high school pictures when people were ‘cool’ (or so they thought). But, if you’re posting pictures from Wednesday night, last week, or from the beginning of the month and tagging #TBT, that’s really not a throwback and people who do this should consider brushing up on the unofficial guidelines of #TBT etiquette.

#TBT Vegas 2014.

#TBT Vegas 2014.

It’s no secret that we all have the freedom to post any sort of picture using the hashtag #TBT, but let’s be honest, we are most interested in seeing nostalgic throwback pictures from your past –a different era – because it’s more fun to see people with silly old haircuts or pictures that reveal significant physical changes. Embrace this tip about throwbacks and you’ll be ‘throwing-back’ like a pro.

Tips for posting a successful #TBT picture:

1. Make sure you are in the picture. No one wants to see a throwback of your parents or any other family or friend.

2. One throwback per week is plenty. If you are compelled to post more, 2 is the absolute max.

3. A true throwback picture should be at least 5 or more years old.

4. It is not acceptable to post a picture on friday with the hashtag #TBT because thursdays are for #throwbackthursday, not fridays. Fridays are for #flashbackfriday.

All jokes aside, whether you’re ‘throwing back’ the right way or the wrong way, TBT continues to make Instagram an exciting way to share life’s moments with friends – another excuse to stay connected.

Happy Halloween you hungry Instagrammers

Halloween is upon us, and hungry Instagrammers will be looking for ways to spice up their holiday photos to ensure that they achieve M.L. (max likes) on their posts. If you find yourself in this bind over Halloween weekend, then try adding a filter to your photo that accentuates the subject matter of the photos you plan on sharing.

My indian costume that I wore for Halloween this year. I applied the mayfair filter from Instagram on this picture.

My indian costume that I wore for Halloween this year. I applied the mayfair filter from Instagram on this picture.

Filters are embedded in Instagram as a tool that allows users to alter the perception of the photos they have taken, but knowing which filter is best to use for your photo can be tricky; after all, there are 19 of them.

Perhaps you’ve looked over all 19 of your filter options and you feel that none of them give you what you are looking for; don’t panic (yet) there’s still hope. In a recent update, Instagram introduced direct manipulation which allows users to control adjusting properties like brightness, saturation, and contrast.

If your posting pictures to acquire ‘likes’, then adding a filter to your picture is a fun and effective way to get noticed.


Is it #happyhour yet?

Have you ever wanted to post something on Instagram, but you hesitated because you knew that it wasn’t the best time to post and garner M.L. (max likes)? I have because it’s true – timing matters.

I, like many users of Instagram, have noticed trends in the activity that my pictures will get based on the time and days that I post them. Over time I have developed my own theory for which times and days were best for achieving M.L. and comments—Instagram happy hour.

Studies have found that there is a science to gaining the most likes and comments on your photos; time and day are at the forefront of this research. Not surprising, much of the data is being used by Fortune 500 companies who use it to optimize the engagement of their Instagram accounts with their audience. By engaging with their audience through Instagram and other social media sites, companies use the platforms as a channel to promote their products to their audiences.

Track maven, one of the essential tools in monitoring content creation and Internet processes, provides companies with intelligence for online marketing. Track Maven’s data have revealed that there are optimal times and days for receiving likes and comments on Instagram; this is valuable information, even for the casual everyday user.

We no longer have to guess what time is best for posting pictures because websites like Iconosquare. Iconosquare take all the guesswork out of acquiring the optimal amount of likes and comments by giving us personalized data based on our followers and their “liking” habits.

In short,  knowing when the best time to post is can help you get the most out of Instagram and it can help optimize your experience with the social media.

Applications designed to help track Instagram stats

Applications designed to help track Instagram stats

Five tips for acquiring max likes on your Instagram posts:

1. Timing is everything—know when your happy hour is.

2. Best day to post: Most people post on Thursday, but Monday would be most effective.

3. Use interesting hashtags, but not too many.

4. Link your Instagram account with your Facebook account.

5. Know your target follower demographics—it makes a difference.

A crash course on #hashtags

A doodle of #hashtags

A doodle of #hashtags

One of the ever-popular trends on Instagram is the hashtag. Since their creation, hashtags have made it easier for us to quickly find and browse topics we are interested in.

The hashtag, which was first introduced on twitter, has grown to become a major trend in social media. In 2012 the American Dialect Society declared “hashtag” as the word of the year because of its impact on our culture – and on modern day language.

Instagram users incorporate hashtags to their posts so that they can organize their content and track other content related to their keywords (hashtags). In the same way that users utilize hashtags to organize and share their content on social media platforms (like Instagram), businesses are taking advantage of their popularity and are using hashtags to help market their products.

Google engineer Chris Messina who introduced hashtags in 2007 says,  “the best hashtags are used sparingly, when they add value or zing,” during an interview with NBC’s social media editor, Lou Dubois. Messina suggests that users are engaging in “poor hashtag grammar” by posting a series of unnecessary (and poorly #placed) hashtags.

#thisisright and #this #is #wrong
Whether you use hashtags for work or pleasure, #chooseyourhashtagswisely.